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Unique Experiences Travel

“We’ll plan the trip of a lifetime so you can have the time of your life.” At Kern Travel we believe that experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and taking the road less traveled would make our world a far better place. Not only for us, but for our children and our children’s children.

We are passionate about creating Unique Experience Travel.   Whether it is a cooking class in Tuscany, a private bicycle tour through Provence, or possibly an elephant safari in Thailand, Kern Travel is passionate about making your travel dreams a reality.  If the experience is as important to you as the destination, then you should choose Kern Travel to design your next travel experience.   If you understand that value is more important than price Kern Travel understands you.  If you can dream it, we can make it come true.

Kern Travel has partner offices in 107 countries throughout the world.  These partnerships enable our team to design unique experiences that most travel companies are unable to create.  We understand that your time and the money you spend on travel are both extremely important.  Our team of professional travel designers have traveled extensively and have the knowledge and experience for which you are looking.  May we help you “experience the time of your life”?

Updated look of Kern Travel's Offices in Bakersfield, California

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Client Testimonials

  • When I decided to take my family on a dream vacation to Italy this summer, I knew that what I had in mind was going to require detailed planning and coordination. My oldest daughter and son-in-law were leaving from San Francisco while my wife, my younger daughter and I would be leaving from LAX.I wanted all of us to arrive at the same time in Rome. I also had specific requirements for the land tours because we were going to several venues between two cities. As a party of five and I did not want to spend standing in lines and I wanted personalized attention. When I gave Ron my rather demanding travel and tour requirements for this vacation I did not know whether he would be able to fulfill all of my requests.

    I must say that I couldn't be more satisfied with all Ron arranged. My family and I arrived in Rome within a half an hour of each other; we were greeted by friendly and helpful hosts, guided in and out of customs and to our hotel in a seamless fashion. All of the tour guides and support staff were available for any of our needs. They were so sociable and accommodating that we felt like we were guests of longtime friends and family who were there to treat us to a good time while we were in their country. We had such a great experience that by the end of every tour it saddened our hearts that we had to part with them. Ron not only met but exceeded my expectations and for that I will always be grateful.
    James Y.
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